Home staging is very effective because it takes the emphasis off the seller’s possessions and puts the focus on the great features of the house. After all, this is what the buyer will purchase! In many instances, what we have in our homes can distract or even hide the very features that we want the buyer to see.  Here are a few examples:

  • I once worked in a home where the sellers had lived for five years with berber carpet throughout.  During the staging process, we discovered that the home had beautiful hardwood floors under the carpet. This was an unexpected find and because the floors were in near perfect condition, it was a huge bonus for the buyers. Now that hardwood is so popular, this feature helped to sell the house.
  • I’ve seen lace sheers installed in several homes. I found that they block most of the natural light from coming into the room.  In one instance, removing the sheers uncovered lovely, oversized wood windows which were the focal point of the living room.
  • I was once asked to stage a home where there was a 7 foot DEAD shrub in front of the front door.  The house was on the market this way for many months. Needless to say, it detracted from the improvements which were made to the front of the house. Once it was removed and the interior staged, the property sold right away.
  • Overgrown shrubs or those that are too large outside the back windows can block the view of a fabulous back yard and a perfect patio for entertaining. If you have it, show it off, this is an extension of your living space!
  • Tiny accessories around or on the fireplace mantle will complicate the view.  One large piece of art or a mirror with 3 substantial accessories is sufficient to draw your eye to the focal point.  This is not the place for small collections of glassware, small family photos or huge silk floral arrangements in front of the fireplace opening.

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