When sellers think about putting their home on the market, they hear a lot about neutralizing the interior.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that everything has to be white or boring beige.  There are many soft, muted colors available now that can pull all the components of the room together beautifully. The choice of color can either enhance or detract from the look and feel of the space.  One of my favorite tips is to select a few possibilities and purchase those colors in sample bottles to try on the walls before you buy.  Gallon-sized, mixed colors cannot be returned, so this is an economical way to try a few and make the selection process easier.  Paint the sample color on several different walls in a big square and look at the color in natural light throughout the day; dawn, mid-day and evening to see how it changes.  The color of carpet or flooring and lighting will affect the paint color.  Basement or lower levels can be especially tricky because of lighting; the colors on the paint deck can look quite a bit different once the paint is on the wall. Here are a few of my favorite current colors: Sherwin Williams: Toasted Pine Nut   7696 Patience    7555 Kilim Beige    6106 Benjamin Moore: Nantucket Grey  HC111 green-grey Adams Gold   HC18 Shaker Beige   HC45 Powell Bluff     HC35 Dark colors can make a room appear smaller, but can add a more dramatic look to a room like a powder room.  Dark colors will make a wall appear closer while light colors make a wall appear to recede. For assistance in selecting paint colors for your room, call today 614.582.0068 to schedule an appointment.