When you look at your own home, certain things may seem insignificant, but they can have a big impact on the overall first impression, especially in the online pictures.

  • Furniture Placement

The arrangement of furniture in a room either welcomes you in or makes the space feel uninviting.  When the entrance of a room is open and spacious, the buyer feels invited in to see more, instead of walking in to see the back of a sofa, for example. If it is possible to leave the view in front of a window without furniture, the buyer may see lovely landscaping, a garden or a patio to entertain friends, outside.

  • Cleanliness

When selling your house, Barb Schwarz, the Creator of Home Staging, suggests a thorough cleaning, so the house is “Q-tip clean.”  This means cleaning areas that may not be done on a routine basis, cobwebs around ceilings, areas behind furniture, kitchen appliances (yes, inside) and bathrooms. When the house is spotless, it tells the buyer that it has been well-maintained and this is huge.  A home is usually the largest investment people make in their lifetime.

  • Accessory Size

Lots of tiny accessories can make the room appear cluttered, especially when they show up in the photos. They distract the buyer from seeing the positive features of the house that you want him to notice. Accessories should be ten inches or larger to create an impact.

  • Brightness

Dark rooms appeal to no one!  All window treatments should be opened, to let in natural light to show off the rooms and space. Use the largest wattage possible in lamps and light fixtures and I suggest using  LED bulbs (instead of the energy efficient ones) that are brighter and come on right away.  In bedrooms where there may not be ceiling fixtures, be certain to add a floor, or other lamp, that will go on with the switch, especially for evening showings.

If you need help determining what changes are important to sell your house, call me today at 614-582-0068 to schedule a consultation and/or full staging.  You only have one chance to make a great first impression.  Make those online photos as good as they can be!