At some point, we will all be moving. Now is the time to take control of your home. When the time comes to move, instead of putting all your stuff in an expensive storage unit, consider sorting and eliminating some of what you have now. If you don’t really need it, you don’t want to have to PAY to move it!

1. Clean Out Your Closet

If you haven’t worn it in a year or more, you probably won’t wear it again. Donate it or sell it to a re-sale store.

2. Stop Keeping Your Adult Children’s Stuff

Do you still have you adult children’s stuff and they live somewhere else? Give them a deadline to come get their things, or they go!

3. Remove Unwanted Books, CD’s or Movies

Books, CD’s or movies you don’t want can be donated to libraries or sold to re-sale bookstores. You may not get a lot for them but at least they will be out of your house. Recycle encyclopedia, they have no value, the information is outdated and everyone uses the Internet now.

4. Scan Your Pictures

If you don’t have room for hundreds of pictures, consider having them scanned and put on a disk or CD, it takes up less space.

5. Sell Unused Sports Equipment

Unused sports equipment can be re-sold to second-hand sports stores such as “Play it Again Sports”.

6. Take Advantage of Community Sales

Spring is the time of year to take advantage of donating your unused items to church rummage sales or neighborhood garage sales.

7. Put Excess Furniture to Good Use

The MAP furniture Bank in Columbus is always looking for gently used, clean mattresses, kitchen tables and chairs and other furniture free of tears and stains. These items go to people who are starting over or coming out of homelessness. Call 614.272.9544 option 3 for a free pickup.

8. Stay Ahead of the Clutter Game

When you bring something new home, get rid of not one, but two things to stay ahead of the clutter game!


When you need help determining what to keep or what to let go in your home, call me. I make it easier for you by giving you a list of what steps to take in order and prioritizing the changes to be made.

Don’t make a mistake; get help from an expert who sees your home objectively. Call for your appointment with Styled to Sell today, we are heading into the busiest season of the year: 614.582.0068