I receive many questions from homeowners who are frustrated because they don’t know how to place books and accessories on shelves for a professional look. If you’re not sure where to start, these points will help:

  • Remove everything, you may adjust shelf heights for variety
  • Place some of the largest or heaviest items on the bottom to anchor
  • Place accessories in a “Z” configuration coming down the shelves
  • Accessories should be of varying heights, shapes and textures for the most interest
  • Add a spot or two of an accent color such as red for punch, or keep the colors neutral for a more subtle look
  • Mix artwork with metal pieces, pottery, books, plants, glass and large candles; leave some open spaces
  • Use books vertically and horizontally; accessories can be placed on horizontal books to add height
  • Display objects in odd numbers, it is visually more appealing
  • Use taller items on the top shelf to draw the eye upward or use taller pieces toward the back of shelves with shorter objects in front

Do not include the following in your bookshelves:

Paperback books, CD’s, photo albums, loose papers, magazines, video tapes, or anything that looks messy

Most bookcases I have re-worked have been done using the items that  the homeowner currently had and it was simply rearranged.  If you need a bookcase makeover, please give me a call today at 614.582.0068, it is easier than you think!