dining room beforedining room

Can you believe that this is the same room? One lesson I learned early on in staging, is that lace sheers block most light from coming into a room. In addition, the seller also had flowered draperies which blocked the rest of the light. In this situation, the buyer can hardly see the room because it is so dark.

The changes here include removal of the border, fresh paint, new sheer window panels, removal of the top of the hutch, new chairs (borrowed) and moving the art to the other wall.

Now we are showing off the natural light, the lush and beautifully landscaped back yard, the pretty glass chandelier and the spaciousness of the room. This is what the buyer wants to see. These are easy and economical fixes that make an enormous difference in the way the pictures look on the internet. In which dining room would you like to have dinner?

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