196517zzBrick Hangers

Have you ever wanted to hang something on your fireplace but you didn’t want to make a hole in the brick? A brick hanger easily attaches to the sides of a brick and it has a hook that holds up to 25 lbs. without damaging the brick or mortar. This is a perfect way to hang a piece of art, a mirror or greenery and other decorations during the holidays. Available in the Improvements Catalog: www.improvements.com

Battery Operated Lights

photo of battery operated lightThis is an inexpensive solution to eliminate dark areas of the house without having to hire an electrician. I suggested adding one in a condo over the dark area at the top of the basement stairs and it effectively lit the space. Use it to brighten up closets, under kitchen cabinets or storage areas. Available in several size options at Improvements Catalog: www.improvements.com

Over the Door Hooks

photo of over the door hookHere is a versatile way to add extra space, whether in tiny college dorm rooms, or in your home. Use behind a door to hold clothing, purses, bathrobes or items to be ironed. I move mine from one space to another—wherever they are needed most. Available at the Container Store, Columbus, OH

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