• Focus on curb appeal  –  It can be a challenge to have great curb appeal in the fall because the flowers have already bloomed and are fading away.  Substitute with some pots of colorful mums and a few pumpkins.  Keep the leaves raked in your yard and concentrate on any repairs that need to be made.
  • Decorate in moderation  –  Don’t over-do it; less is more when selling your house. Make sure the buyer sees your house, not a huge display of fall decorations!
  • Make it cozy  –  The temperatures are dropping, so cozy-up the inside with plush afghans on the sofas, comfy pillows in warm colors and wood stacked in the fireplace. You may want to offer your buyers warm cider/coffee and fresh baked cookies. These treats will make the house smell good too.
  • Provide plenty of light  –  As it becomes dark earlier, it is important to have enough bright light in each room.  Focus on the dark corners; add a floor or a table lamp to brighten these areas.  Use LED bulbs for instant, bright light.
  • Update bedding  –  Old, faded or wimpy bedding has no appeal and does not show well in the online photos. A luxurious, thick comforter with matching shams and coordinating pillows in a soft color will set the tone for the room and give the bedroom a relaxing and cozy feeling.

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