When I walked into this large, lovely home, I was amazed that there was absolutely NOTHING in the entry.  I couldn’t believe that the owners had never thought to put anything in the space that would welcome their visitors inside!Soory entry after - Copy

I walked through the house looking for something I could use, and behold, an unused table. As I brought it in the entry I realized I needed something as a focal point as well as an accent light.  I purchased the lamp and art for the client (discount shopping) and found the plant in the house to use for a spot of color.   Now guests see an interesting entry, instead of looking at a plain white wall.

The focal point is important, because by creating an attractive vignette to look at, one also notices the hardwood floors, the beautiful stairway and woodwork. If this house was on the market, these are the features you want the buyer to see.

This example also shows that it didn’t cost a lot to create this look and little things can make a huge difference, just as in home staging!

We can make a huge difference in your home for the New Year.  Whether you are moving or just want to transform a tired room, call for more information today at 614.582.0068!