1)      Armstrong Once ‘n Done Resilient & Ceramic Floor Cleaner

This concentrated liquid has a strong smell but when mixed with water, does a wonderful job cleaning ceramic tile, marble, stone and no-wax vinyl.  It is a one-step process, no rinse and no residue.  This is a very effective cleaner. Pour a little on scuff marks and leave it a few seconds, it wipes them right off.   Available at Anderson’s General Store (NW) Columbus, OH

2)     Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Cleaner

Always begin by using a dry, Swiffer cloth to pick up the dirt, crumbs, hair, etc.  The Bruce cleaner is very easy to use, just spray and wipe. It gives the wood a nice luster and literally leaves the floors squeaky clean!  Available at Roush Hardware, Dublin or Westerville, OH

3)       Old English Scratch Cover/Furniture Polish

This product comes in a color for light wood and one for dark wood. It won’t change the color of your woodwork; the application simply fills in where the scratches are and then the excess is wiped off with a clean cloth.  Works like magic!  It leaves a clean, polished look to the woodwork or doors.  Available at Roush Hardware, Dublin or Westerville, OH

4)      Krud Kutter Concentrated Liquid Cleaner

This product was introduced to me during my staging course and it has a variety of uses.  It is a commercial strength formula cleaner, de-greaser and stain remover which is non-toxic and can be used on appliances, grease, oil, adhesives, fireplace soot, dried paint and patio furniture.  It is available at Lowe’s.

One of the benefits you receive when you work with Styled to Sell is access to my list of reliable vendors.  If you need someone to clean your house, a painter, window washer, handyman, moving company, etc., I can offer you an extensive list of professionals who can help. This is value added for you!  Please call me at 614.582.0068 for more information.