Due to the safety issues involving Realtors in the recent news, this month’s blog offers precautions for Realtors and sellers during open houses and showings.   Be safe!!!


  • Remove expensive jewelry or other valuables to eliminate the chance of theft.
  • Remove or hide knife sets stored in the block of wood in the kitchen. As harsh as this is, these can be used as weapons.  Accredited Staging Professionals are trained not to use silverware when creating table settings, for the same reason.
  • Hide sets of keys on hooks by the back door – someone viewing the property can discreetly slip them in a pocket and return to the house later.
  • Hide personal papers or bills which may contain credit card numbers, social security numbers or bank account numbers.
  • Realtors who are not comfortable holding an open house alone should take someone with them; a co-worker, spouse or friend.
  • Realtors should make certain someone from their office and a family member knows where the listing is, the hours of the open house and how to reach you. Make certain your cell phone is charged and/or carry the charger with you.