January 2013 Newsletter

Happy New Year!  I hope this issue finds you healthy and happy in the midst of the freezing, mid-west temperatures!   I look forward to 2013 for growth in my business as well as personally.  I wish all of you a warm and wonderful new year as well as success in 2013!  This month’s topic is Must-Have Kitchen Trends for 2013.   Please read ahead to learn what’s hot and what’s NOT!    Stay warm!


Must-Have Kitchen Trends for 2013 

If it is time to think about updating your kitchen, don’t panic.  Plan ahead and think about exactly what you want from your kitchen remodel to determine your budget and for the best results.

Here are six, hot, kitchen remodel trends for 2013 from a panel of design and contracting experts.

1)   Cabinet Refacing

Not replacing entire cabinets is actually IN, people are currently more careful about how they spend their money.  Obviously, just replacing the doors is a less-expensive option.  Think sleek and simple, a clean, contemporary look is winning out because the trend is un-cluttered and easy maintenance.

2)   Stone and Solid Countertops

Experts say that quartz countertops are the material of choice (over stone) due to its durability and no-maintenance benefits.  Another trendy option for 2013 is concrete because of the huge color selection and ability to shape it as needed.

3)   Hardwood Floors

Wood floors remain a hot kitchen trend with a few new developments.  Lighter shades of wood (washed wood floors) are back but with wider planks and hand scraping for a beachy feel.  Engineered wood continues to be popular along with porcelain tile that looks like wood because it has less maintenance and better water tolerance.

4)   Stylish Sink

Deep bowls are still the rage, in either single or double bowl options. Stainless steel sinks are still most popular due to their durability and flexibility.

5)   Appliances

This could be the year to splurge on a commercial stove!  This and other stainless steel features that save time and space are popular. Among these is a hot-water dispenser for tea, cocoa, or to mix with bouillion for stock.  Features that have double-duty options are also in demand; microwaves that double as second ovens and warming drawers  or refrigerators with convertible drawers that can act as fridge, freezer or wine fridge.  Multi-taskers are hot!

6)   Mixing Cabinet Colors

We no longer need to choose between white, medium or dark cabinetry, two colors will provide more visual interest and an updated, modern look.

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While watching my favorite show, What Not To Wear, I had a huge revelation. 

The selected individual had been fired from her job because she didn’t know how to dress in professional attire.  After the transformation, she looked fabulous because she had modern and proper fitting clothing and accessories in colors and styles that flattered her as well as make-up and a new hairstyle that brought out her best features.  AHA!

Just as the contestant was transformed, HOME STAGING emphasizes the great features of the house by using flattering colors, modern styles, and properly placed furniture, art and accessories to enhance the rooms.

Now as the contestant will most likely find a job, the buyer will visit the property, be wowed by the house and able to emotionally connect to the space, making it more desirable!

It is very much the same.  FIRST IMPRESSIONS count in both instances!


When you need help knowing what to do to show off the GREAT features in your home (whether you are moving or not) call STYLED TO SELL today! 

We will create a specific plan for your home and will do as much as you need us to do!  Don’t let your home be at a disadvantage.  Today’s buyer is looking online for his next home. The pictures tell the story. 

Home staging is the best marketing tool you can use to get your home noticed and sold more quickly. Call me at 614-582-0068 to schedule your appointment before the spring rush!




The Pantone Color Institute, which is a global authority on color and a provider of professional color standards for design industries, announced on December 6, 2012, that Emerald Green is the color for 2013.

NOTE: I have already observed this color in Macy’s stores and Talbot’s catalog.

SOURCE: Dreamstime.com