The first impression your house makes is the only one the buyer remembers.  From my experience, the buyer will most likely not return to see the house if you wait to put furniture in it later.  The key is to have the best first impression possible to get the most potential buyers in to see the property right away.

Photos of an empty house do not give the buyer any idea what it will feel like to live there.  The buyer will make an offer only after he can emotionally connect to the property; it is easier for him to see how he can live there when the house has furniture, art, plants, accessories and looks move-in-ready.To prove my point, have the seller walk through the house and take pictures of the vacant rooms. Looking at blank walls gives no appeal whatsoever. This is how the house will appear on the MLS if it is not staged!

It helps to think of staging as an investment in getting your house noticed online right away so it can be sold more quickly.  If the home sits on the market month after month, there will usually be a mortgage payment plus other monthly expenses and these costs add up.  The longer it is on the market, many times, it is more difficult to sell.  Investing in staging will give you a distinct advantage in attracting buyers who are interested in your neighborhood as soon as your property is listed. Staging sells!

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